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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

सूर्य की अन्तिम किरण से सूर्य की पहली किरण तक -- The M.Matya Chronicles

An hour before I am scheduled to leave for the rehearsal i do this

I blow my breath over the frosty windows and etch His name on it and wipe it over
I Almost don't ... make another excuse .. but no this time it will be fatal. I must talk to the M. BaladhiKrit and the R.Purohit before we go and confront M.Okkak again. This time we must succeed . It is the only way.. the Book says it and it must be has to be this way .. the Queen will have no choice but to agree with us. M.Baladhikrit's spies have just informed us that Angaraag , Okkak's son and sole heir has rebelled and established a parallel government.

The Bloody rebels... Collecting taxes from the poor junta inspite of the famine ... taxes that justly belong in Okkak's coffers. Angaraag has crossed a line this time ... Okkak has never truly loved him as his own .. WHY should he ? the Q dotes on him but i knew better the first time i saw him , bloodied , kicking and , screaming as he came into this world .. that infernal mark right in the palm of his hand.. I asked the R.Purohit to immediately find its significance according to the scriptures. I knew the answer even before the R.Purohit told me ...

Though I am feeble in my bones now i can sure as death feel the impending doom as it slowly creeps up my spine. The prediction is about to come true. All the structure that we have strived so hard to create .. the grand edifice called Malla kingdom ... the tireless effort of generations will have to withstand the full force of the One-who-swallowed-the-eclipse. Once again it will be Okkak , much older now, much wiser , much stronger who will provide the backbone of this front ... Tch tch I am day dreaming , must be the gout and the cold in my bones .. I have to go and seek the other two's opinions about the new strategy or the Widow and the One-Who-Swallowed-the-eclipse will rule over our rusty remains.


Blogger M said...

Okkak has a son? How come? I thought he know!

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